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Hello. My name is Anita Hartmann. I am an artist currently living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I welcome you warmly to my site and hope that you enjoy seeing the work I have offered here.

Through art I try express the beauty and harmony of nature in varied manifestations - seen and unseen. It is the energy of transformation of the human spirit exalting all that nature is. It is the contact with our Creator.

Nature abounds with endless beauty in a myriad of forms and shapes and is an incredible phenomenon available to all of us. Art is a transformation to a higher truth, a gift of silence, of meditation, of the greatness of humanity, and the inner beauty of creative energy.

As you will see, I enjoy working in a wide range of media. As a result you will discover that there is a lot of diversity in the kinds of images on the site.

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I was born in Marburg, Germany and educated at a Rudolf Steiner School.

I began painting at the age of thirteen. During this time I also developed a profound interest in seeing the world. By the time I was in my twenties, this interest led to extensive travels through India, Nepal, Thailand, Jordan, Israel, Southern Europe and West Afrika. 

I arrived in Suriname in 1982 and lived and worked there until 1991. At that point I returned to Germany to pursue Art Studies in Tuebingen and Frankfurt. Three years later - in 1994 - I again returned to Suriname.

In 2001 I moved to Amsterdam where I currently live and work, taking occasional trips to India.



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1989 Nationale Kunstbeurs (Suriname)

1990 Nationale Kunstbeurs (Suriname)

1992 Wolfenmühle, Neustadt (Duitsland)

1993 Gemeinschaftscentrum, Frankfurt-Ost (Duitsland)

1994 Nationale Kunstbeurs (Suriname)

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